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A French observatory for Major Trauma

Major Trauma remains the most common cause of death in patients 16-45 years of age and a major cause of death and handicap in the French population as a whole. The socioeconomic impact is substantial, and Major Trauma patient care is a public health challenge as a result.

Created in 2012, the French Traumabase® Group is a collaboration focusing on Major Trauma. The Group’s objectives are to improve Major Trauma care, to inform public health decisions and to facilitate research. Robust, high quality, national trauma epidemiological data is both its initial focus and a prerequisite to achieve its goals.

The Traumabase® Group federates French Health professionals who share an awareness of the challenges involved in the improvement of Major Trauma outcomes nationally, and who are conscious of the paucity of existing structured data to inform decision making to this end. The members of the Traumabase® Group are motivated by the desire to see Major Trauma care improve in France.

Fifteen French Trauma centers currently contribute to the Traumabase® Group and the current database totals complete information on more than 14,000 trauma cases from admission until discharge from Critical Care. The group receives financial support from and is endorsed by the Regional Health Authorities in Ile de France and region Est. The group promotes cooperation both in France and across Europe.


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